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250 Series PTFE (Teflon��) Black Braided Hose

250 Series PTFE (Teflon��) Black Braided Hose

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Aeroflow's 250 Series hose is a durable, professional light weight option that resists leaks and fumes. It is constructed from a PTFE inner liner, with a reinforced 308 Stainless Steel layer wrapped in a black nylon outer braid for maximum appearance and abrasion resistance.

- Stainless Steel reinforced middle layer for maximum strength and burst pressure
- Braided Nylon outer shield for abrasion resistance
- Recommended for brake, E85, Alcohol, transmission, clutch, Nitrous, Power Steering, Oil, Hydraulics and Vacuum applications
- Minimum Temp -70��C (-94��F) , Maximum Temp 200��C (392��F)
- Suits 200 and 570 series hose ends
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