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A4 Carbureted Regulator 4 Port Aeromotive

A4 Carbureted Regulator 4 Port Aeromotive

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13203: A4 Carbureted Regulator��

The only four-port regulator on the market that uses a ���soft-seat��� design, eliminating pressure creep at idle and, if used, on a throttle stop. Used by many of the best ���Super��� class racers in the world. This exclusive design ensures the precise pressure control needed for more consistent E.T.s. This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.

  • Adjustable from 5-15 PSI.
  • Gasoline and alcohol compatible.
  • Standard static flow design, no return line required.
  • (4) ORB-06 outlet ports and 1/8��� NPT gauge port.
  • (2) ORB-10 inlet ports for plumbing flexibility.
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