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Bosch Pressure and Temperature Sensor Plug & Pins

Bosch Pressure and Temperature Sensor Plug & Pins

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Aeroflow Performance combined liquid pressure and temperature sensor is the one and only sensor you need for your race car. It features 2 sensors in one small compact unit. The liquid pressure reads 0-150 psi (0 to 10 bar) and the temperature rating is -40 to 140°C (-40 to 284°F). Using stainless steel internals means it is suitable for Diesel, petrol, alcohol-based fuels, water, engine oil and transmission oil.

- 45° cone seat with Male M10 x 1.00mm fitting
- Bosch Trapez 4-pin connector (plug & pins to suit sold separately, part no. AF59-1554)
- Tightening torque 37.5Nm

Note: We highly recommend remote mounting these sensors as mounting straight onto an engine block can run vibrations through the sensor and cause premature failure of the sensor.

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