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Electric Thermo Fan

Electric Thermo Fan

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The Aeroflow performance universal electric fans are suitable for both A/C condenser, radiator cooling or can be mounted to any fluid cooler. These fans provide constant air flow, increased fuel economy, better air conditioning performance, cooler engine running, and increased engine power.

All electric fans are powered via 12 volts and can be used with any fan controller (sold separately). All electric fans are fully reversible blades and polarity for mounting either side of the heat exchanger. They are boxed in the pusher configuration. To change this to a puller fan simply unscrew 10mm nut (reverse (left hand) thread) and turn fan blade over keeping in mind polarity BLUE - Positive BLACK - Negative.

The electric fans are packaged with the fan assembly (motor, fan blade, shroud), fan fitting/mounting hardware is included. All wiring and controllers are sold separately.

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