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Kryptalon�� Ultra-Light Flexible Kevlar Braided Hose Aeroflow

Kryptalon�� Ultra-Light Flexible Kevlar Braided Hose Aeroflow

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Aeroflow's Kryptalon�� series ultra-light flexible Teflon�� kevlar braided hose & billet big-bore lightweight fittings has been engineered for extreme racing conditions, where every gram counts and reliability is king. Aeroflow's lightest hose combines a woven Kevlar braid with an internal smooth bore Teflon�� liner for greater flow capacity, with a convoluted outer for astonishing flexibility. It also has significantly higher flow and pressure ratings than conventional convoluted Teflon hose.


Aeroflow's Kryptalon�� series smooth bore design eradicates boundary layer entrapment and flow disruption for performance you can count on! The Teflon�� liner hose has a large range of applications, fuels including Nitromethane, E85, E10, methanol, oils, lubricants, coolant systems. Available in -4 to -16 sizes in 1, 2, 3, 4.5, 6, 15 and 30 metre lengths. For a clean cut, you must use Aeroflow's Non-Stick Cutting Film (AF98-2049). Simply use Aeroflow alloy wrenches to assemble. No special tools are required. Kryptalon�� hose & fittings have been developed to flow more, be lighter and excel in hard core performance environments but are still easily assembled in your garage or at the track.

- Temperature rating: 70��C (-94��F) to 260��C (500��F)

Note:��Use inner coil support spring on all tight radius bends and inlet / suction side of any pump.
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