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Holden Commodore VF Air Intake Kit

Holden Commodore VF Air Intake Kit

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Aeroflow Performance cold air intake system features a large diameter free flowing intake path to ensure maximum performance from your LSA powered vehicle. This cold air intake kit is a high performance air box designed as a direct fit for all VF GEN-F LSA 6.2. Our kit contains a large Aeroflow Performance pod filter to assist in minimizing the restriction of air flow and is contained in a fabricated housing which seals against the underside of the vehicles bonnet to reduce the intake of hot air from inside the engine bay. It is designed for easy installation with OEM fitment. This kit features a blank off plate if you plan on using a MAF-less tune or simply just bolt in the OE factory MAP. A Screw in PVC hose adapter is provided to plug directly in the factory OE clip on hose or an extra plug to block it off for those wanting to run an aftermarket breather system.

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